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Tanya & Ayeed

Tanya & Ayeed: A love that transcends borders. From Australia, they embraced their different religions and chose to marry in Tanya's birthplace, India. A celebration of diversity, traditions, and boundless love, their union created a unique tapestry of shared dreams and a lifelong adventure.

Ayush & Anupama

Explore the enchanting love story of Ayush & Anupama through their exclusive online album. Witness the beautiful journey that led Anupama from afar to Dehradun, where their love blossomed into a lifelong commitment. Immerse yourself in the moments that celebrate their love and the union of two hearts in this captivating digital narrative.


Lov & Harshita

Step into the enchanting world of Love and Harshita, where their love story unfolds like a fairy tale. Join us on our wedding blog as we share the magical moments of our love-filled journey, celebrating the beauty of a love marriage that brought two souls together in a bond that will last a lifetime.

Nanki & Joseph

Nanki, a spirited soldier from the North, and Joseph, a valiant warrior from the South, found love amidst their shared dedication to serving their country. As they stood side by side, their hearts intertwined, and their love blossomed, becoming a testament to the enduring power of love amidst duty and sacrifice..


Harsh & Nupur

Harsh & Nupur: A Journey of Love Amidst the Mountains"

In the picturesque realm of their college days, Harsh and Nupur's paths serendipitously crossed, setting in motion a tale of love that would transcend time. With hearts entwined, they embarked on a remarkable journey, nurturing a long-standing relationship that weathered the tests of distance and time. Finally, amidst the majestic embrace of the mountains, they exchanged vows, sealing their love in a sacred bond that mirrored the enduring beauty of nature itself.

Sneha & Adtiya

Sneha and Aditya, two souls destined to meet, found solace in each other's presence. Their love story unfolded like a melody, harmonizing their dreams and aspirations. In a world full of chaos, they discovered a tranquil haven within each other's arms, where their hearts could dance to the rhythm of eternal love.


Ankit & Anshu

Ankit and Nashu, two individuals brought together by destiny, found comfort and joy in each other's company. Their love story unfolded naturally, like a beautiful dance, blending their dreams and aspirations. In the midst of life's challenges, they discovered a peaceful refuge within their love, where their hearts found happiness and their bond grew stronger with each passing day.

Akansha & Chandan

In a world of divisions, Akansha and Chandan's love defied all restrictions. Their hearts united, overcoming societal friction. With every glance, their love grew strong and bold, creating a story that could never be told. Together, they embarked on a journey of love's embrace, defying norms and casting aside caste's base. Today, they celebrate their union, a testament to love's inclusion.

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